We Rebuilt an Old Cessna Using State-of-the-Art Components

Growing up I started helping my dad restore cars before I had the strength and dexterity to remove a nut from a bolt. We also built model cars, and that is where I learned to be meticulous. We didn’t just slap the parts together with glue, we sanded, shaped, painted and fitted everything. Then we started building model planes. When I was a preteen, my dad surprised me with an old Cessna to restore. We bought parts in stock at New Century Components. They had the things we needed to do everything from restore the engine to replacing the wiring and cables. The plane was essentially brand new except for the fuselage, rudder, elevator and both ailerons. It had been parked on grass, so we had to replace the wheel assemblies of the landing gear.

We had it inspected over and over again as we replaced components and reassembled the aircraft. Since there was no pulling off to the side of the road if it broke down, we wanted everything redundantly checked. We were about halfway finished with it when we both did our solo flights in student planes working toward our pilot’s licenses. We could hardly wait to fly our plane. We had a pilot who is also an aviation mechanic and engineer fly our rebuilt Cessna for the first time to make sure there were not any issues. We wanted someone at the stick who could respond to any emergency.

Our attention to detail and choosing top quality parts from New Century Components made our aircraft a better flyer than one you can buy. We had upgraded components and advanced options most other aircraft of that class do not have. Our first attempt at rebuilding an airplane was a huge success. We are still flying that fixed-wing a decade later, and we are now building a second one.

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