Lingerie That Inspired Me to Lose Weight

I found lingerie online in an indirect way by looking for cheap sextoys. What I was looking for was a gag gift for a friend, but instead I found something that helped me to lose weight and look better for my boyfriend. It sounds like a strange story, but it is indeed what happened. I was invited to a bachelorette party and decided to look online for a sexual gag gift as that seems what everyone does for these types of parties. I was sure the other people going would end up doing the exact same thing as I did.

But when I found the site, I also noticed they sold lingerie. I looked through some of the items and thought about how sexy they looked, but I also thought they wouldn’t fit me well as I’m about twenty pounds overweight. I thought to myself what if I buy a much smaller size and then use that as an impetus to get out and start shedding pounds? I was sure my boyfriend would appreciate the effort and I knew my health and appearance would benefit from shedding these excess pounds. So I ordered the outfit along with the gift for the party.

It’s about four months later and I’ve actually lost a little over twenty pounds. It took some time to get going but the outfit fits me very well. My boyfriend is over the stars about it and he’s always asking me to put it on and march around our apartment! It’s been such a success for my health and our relationship that I’ve returned to the site and purchased other items of clothing. You can’t go wrong with improving your health, your appearance, and your relationship all at the same time. This should become a standard motivator for losing weight!

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