Learning Sales Was Not Easy for Me, but I Did It!

There is a Dutch company in the city where I worked. I always wondered what they did. I found out that they make blast furnaces. It used to be a big steel area where I live. Now, there is a hope of it coming back. The dutch company stuck around, because there are still places buying blast furnaces, and they have to be made somewhere. When I lost my job, I took some language courses and got some verkooptraining. That is dutch for “sales training.” I wanted to work for the company and sell hoogovens.

They had people working for them that only spoke English, but knowing Dutch and already knowing German and English helped too. Over time I was even picking up a lot of Japanese. Just enough to get me in trouble, as my boss says. It was just a matter of looking at something as a challenge as well as an opportunity. I could have went on unemployment for about 52 weeks if I dragged it out. However, I never even needed to sign up. I saw that my job was going the way of the permanent layoff, and I started my verkooptraining along with my learning Dutch. Was it hard? Yes. But I learn fast. My sales training was in English, but my interview switched from English to Dutch when the interviewer saw that I was studying the language. She poked a little fun at my accent, but she was impressed that I could understand every word she said including the slang.

It is nice having a new job that is a lot more stable. Sales was not easy for me to get started in, but I developed a knack for it. I could not sell things before, or so I thought. Then my cousin, who is a salesman, pointed out all the things I am passionate about and “sell” every day. He said to just get passionate about blast furnaces. The more I learned about the industry, the more I enjoyed what I was doing.

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