Listening to Music Makes Me Feel Better

I am a bit of a loner at times. It is not because I don’t like people but rather because I live in an area where it is mostly elderly people. Because of that, I just spend a lot of time by myself at home, and I am actually okay with that. One of the things I really like in life is music, and that is something that I prefer to enjoy on my own anyway. I found a website where I can download muziek, and it quickly became my go to site for learning about new music.

The reason I went there in the first place was to download a new song that was out, to see if I liked it. read more

I Got My Brother Back

My brother was a star athlete at the local college, and we thought he may actually have had a shot at playing football at a bigger school. Then, he was involved in a car accident that ended his football career before it even started. The doctor gave him prescription pain pills because he was hurting something awful, and this led to an opiate addiction that lasted for nearly a year. Mix the pain with depression and a bottle of pain pills, and that is what you get. I had looked up opiate detox in Florida because I wanted to be ready for when my brother was ready for help.

It was not a matter of if he would be ready but rather when he would be ready. I knew that my brother was not this drug addict that others saw him as. I knew that he became addicted because his body was so riddled with pain because of a drunk driver, and I knew that he would come back to us. read more

We Rebuilt an Old Cessna Using State-of-the-Art Components

Growing up I started helping my dad restore cars before I had the strength and dexterity to remove a nut from a bolt. We also built model cars, and that is where I learned to be meticulous. We didn’t just slap the parts together with glue, we sanded, shaped, painted and fitted everything. Then we started building model planes. When I was a preteen, my dad surprised me with an old Cessna to restore. We bought parts in stock at New Century Components. They had the things we needed to do everything from restore the engine to replacing the wiring and cables. The plane was essentially brand new except for the fuselage, rudder, elevator and both ailerons. It had been parked on grass, so we had to replace the wheel assemblies of the landing gear.

We had it inspected over and over again as we replaced components and reassembled the aircraft. Since there was no pulling off to the side of the road if it broke down, we wanted everything redundantly checked. read more

Learning Sales Was Not Easy for Me, but I Did It!

There is a Dutch company in the city where I worked. I always wondered what they did. I found out that they make blast furnaces. It used to be a big steel area where I live. Now, there is a hope of it coming back. The dutch company stuck around, because there are still places buying blast furnaces, and they have to be made somewhere. When I lost my job, I took some language courses and got some verkooptraining. That is dutch for “sales training.” I wanted to work for the company and sell hoogovens.

They had people working for them that only spoke English, but knowing Dutch and already knowing German and English helped too. Over time I was even picking up a lot of Japanese. read more

Atlanta Tells Us the American Dream

If you told me that I would be living in apartments for rent in midtown Atlanta I would never have believed you. Atlanta has long been one of my favorite cities to call home. Over been around the country rather extensively and have tried much of what the state’s have to offer the everyday person looking for that ever elusive American dream that has faded. Most of it’s don’t even consider the prospect of an American dream. Most of us are lucky to remember the dreams that we don’t actively seek in our sleep, so how would we remember the dream that we spend so long chasing.

Atlanta has so much culture and heritage since within the very bones of the buildings. The story of slavery has its roots here. read more

Lingerie That Inspired Me to Lose Weight

I found lingerie online in an indirect way by looking for cheap sextoys. What I was looking for was a gag gift for a friend, but instead I found something that helped me to lose weight and look better for my boyfriend. It sounds like a strange story, but it is indeed what happened. I was invited to a bachelorette party and decided to look online for a sexual gag gift as that seems what everyone does for these types of parties. I was sure the other people going would end up doing the exact same thing as I did.

But when I found the site, I also noticed they sold lingerie. I looked through some of the items and thought about how sexy they looked, but I also thought they wouldn’t fit me well as I’m about twenty pounds overweight. read more

I Found the Perfect Rug

I went online to see if I could find a better selection of rugs for sale. I had been looking for one for my dining room, but none of the local stores had what I wanted. They had a small selection of very basic rugs. The rug that I wanted needed to have some personality, and I knew that I would have better luck with an online retailer. I was not disappointed either when I saw what the Rug and Flooring Stores had available. They have been in business for over a dozen years, so I knew that they were a reputable company as well.

When I looked at the different rugs that they have, I knew I hit the rug jackpot. Just looking at the page where the different types of rugs were displayed had me in awe, and that was just one rug out of each type they offer. read more