Atlanta Tells Us the American Dream

If you told me that I would be living in apartments for rent in midtown Atlanta I would never have believed you. Atlanta has long been one of my favorite cities to call home. Over been around the country rather extensively and have tried much of what the state’s have to offer the everyday person looking for that ever elusive American dream that has faded. Most of it’s don’t even consider the prospect of an American dream. Most of us are lucky to remember the dreams that we don’t actively seek in our sleep, so how would we remember the dream that we spend so long chasing.

Atlanta has so much culture and heritage since within the very bones of the buildings. The story of slavery has its roots here. The struggles and hardwood that the people went through during that dark period of America it’s one that still can be seen in the every day treatment of the residents toward one another. It outs different from what you might be adjusted to if you have never lived in a multi cultural but it’s something that everyone should experience in order to open their eyes roo the crater beauty of the world that surrounds them on a day to day basis.

Beauty it’s found in the people. That beauty radiates info the community and the way that community becomes a part of the crater while of the state. It helps make a people who are eager to share their heritage and stories with the rest of the greater culture in which they being. It can be said that they are the story tellers of the American dream. They are the people we can look to in order to see what that drab may have one looked like if you are unable to find the dream now.

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