Listening to Music Makes Me Feel Better

I am a bit of a loner at times. It is not because I don’t like people but rather because I live in an area where it is mostly elderly people. Because of that, I just spend a lot of time by myself at home, and I am actually okay with that. One of the things I really like in life is music, and that is something that I prefer to enjoy on my own anyway. I found a website where I can download muziek, and it quickly became my go to site for learning about new music.

The reason I went there in the first place was to download a new song that was out, to see if I liked it. read more

I Got My Brother Back

My brother was a star athlete at the local college, and we thought he may actually have had a shot at playing football at a bigger school. Then, he was involved in a car accident that ended his football career before it even started. The doctor gave him prescription pain pills because he was hurting something awful, and this led to an opiate addiction that lasted for nearly a year. Mix the pain with depression and a bottle of pain pills, and that is what you get. I had looked up opiate detox in Florida because I wanted to be ready for when my brother was ready for help.

It was not a matter of if he would be ready but rather when he would be ready. I knew that my brother was not this drug addict that others saw him as. I knew that he became addicted because his body was so riddled with pain because of a drunk driver, and I knew that he would come back to us. read more